«The `Jazz` Dance» (The Little Jazz Dance That Everybody`s Crazy About), 1917


Words & Music by

William Benton Overstreet (1888-1935)






Ev'rybody's talking 'bout that brand new rag

                      that just came out.

You can see it, so they say at most any cabaret,

At all the dancing halls,

Even soci'ty balls, they're crazy 'bout it.

This fascinating dance, so learn it if you get

                     the chance.




First you place your hands upon your hips just so,

                     then glide,

Then you do the "Suey" 'way down low, then slide,

Then you rise and cast your eyes to the skies,

Then get 'way back, and do that happy shout;

Now "Eagle Rock" from left to right, then drag,

Then you "set 'em", with all your might and rag,

And then you buzz around like a bee,

And you sway like a ship at sea.

That's the "Jazz - dance", the little Jazz-dance

                  that ev'rybody's crazy 'bout. 



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