«Where The Rippling Waters Flow» (Down To The Mill), 1916


Words and Music by 

Frederick V. Bowers (1874-1961)


 Frederick V. Bowers, 1905. J. Willis Sayre Photograph Collection















Tonight my dreams are drifting back to childhood

I'm weary of the city and its strife

I'd give the world to wonder in the wild wood

And bring my boyhood mem'ries back to life




I long to see the miller at the Mill Wheel

I long to see the bucket in the well

I long to see my mother in the doorway and 

I long to see the Miller's daughter Nell

I long to take her in my arms and hold her

And ask her if the old love lingers still

I long to ask her if she will forgive me

Where the rippling waters flow down to the Mill