«Please Kiss Papa For Me» (1914)

 Words & Music by Edward Hayne


A trav'ling man was sitting in

               a hotel far away,

Thinking of his little daughter 

Who on a sick bed lay,


She was the idol of his heart,

His only joy and pride,

He longed to be back home again,

With mother by her side.


He did not want to leave her to go

             away that day,

But the firm said it was pressing

And would have no delay.


A telegram was handed him,

His face showed his dismay,

It read: "Come home at once, my dear,

Our darling's passed away".



"Please kiss my papa for me", -

She said as her pretty eyes grew dim.

"Kiss him and say my "Mama" dear,

How much I do love him,


Tell him I've gone to my dear grandpa,

To that beautiful land so fair.

Please kiss Papa for me and say,

I'll meet him over there".