«You`re A Dangerous Girl» (1916)

Words by Grant Clarke


Music by Jimmie Monaco


Al Jolson

In The New Winter Garden Production 















I love you, I love you

You're just the kind of gal for me


But there is something about you

That makes me doubt you

Why oh way must we see


You tell me, more than you tell me

Still I love me more each day


Oh, you're the kind of a charm

And then do harm

What makes you act that way


Oh, you're beautiful, yes beautiful

You're wonderful I know


You're just the kind of a gal

That fools them all

And when you're done and while you run

You let em fall


I'm fond of ya

But I'm on to ya


I love every smile

Every call


I'm fond of your eyes

I love your kisses

But my heart cries

Stop look and listen