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«Everybody Works But Father» (1905)


Oft in fancy down in Dixie land I'm roaming.

By the Swanee banks I wander with a sigh...

«Alma, Where Do You Live?» (1910)

Why are the men so bold?

                             Why do they stare at me?

Despite me manner cold,

                             They flirt out rageously...

«A Rolling Stone» (1913)

Ev'ry little flower has a secred.

Oftentimes concealed wih tender art.

Every little blossom has a love thrill.

Way down in the corner of her heart...

«Those Songs My Mother Used To Sing» (1914)

Within the shadow of my room

                             An old melodeon idly stands, 

A relic of my dear old home

                            Long years ago in distant lands...

«Wrap Me In A Bundle And Take Me Home With You» (1914)

Mary Brown sold flowers and candy,

All the boys thought she was a dandy,

They would walk a mile

Just to see her smile...