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«That`s The Song Of Songs For Me» (1915)

It's a long way back to my mother's knee,

But I wish that I were there,

On my mother's knee, it was there that she

Took all of my burden and care...

«I`m Goin` To Hit The Trail For Alabam`» (1916)

Railroad man, Oh, mister railroad man,

Tell me'bout the trains that go to Alabam'.

Here's my fare, now kindly take me where

I can get a whiff of good old Dixie air...

«I`ll Wed The Girl I Left Behind» (1916)


I'm dreaming of my little girl, away back home alone,

the girl I've always known, the girl who's all my own...

«You`re A Dangerous Girl» (1916)

I love you, I love you You're just the kind of gal for me

But there is something about you 

That makes me doubt you 

Why oh way must we see