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«What The Engine Done» (1911)

Listen! Let me tell you what the engine done,

She left New Orleans about a quarter to one...

«The Midnight Ragtime Ride Of Paul Revere» (1914)


Down in Dixie, down in Dixie,

                           there's a funny school...

«Please Kiss Papa For Me» (1914)

A trav'ling man was sitting in

                           a hotel far away,

Thinking of his little daughter 

                          Who on a sick bed lay...

«Turn Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday» (1916)

It seems so long ago,

                     Although 'twas only yesterday,

When just a word in anger heard

                     Our lives should part for aye.

«Wabash Blues» (1921)

Nearly broken hearted since the day that I once

                        started from my Wabash home;

Indiana's sweet and it's a place that's hard to beat

                        but then I longed to roam...