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«Go On And Coax Me» (1904)

A night in June, a lovely moon,

                    Beneath the trees two dusky lovers wooing,

He softly sighs, she rolls her eyes,

                     Soon just like a turtle dove he's sweetly cooing.

«Back To Mother And Home, Sweet Home» (1917)

You say you're sad tonight and broken hearted,

                   You say there's naught in life worth living for;

You feel as though your friends have all departed

                   When «Old Man Sorrow» knocks upon your door.

«When You Come Back» (1918)

From ’Frisco Bay to Old Broadway,

                                   Today all over the U.S.A.,

We know we're fighting the foe.

                                   So we all stand steady and ready to go,

«All Aboard For Home Sweet Home» (1918)

Cheer up, mothers, dry your tears, 

                                           He's coming back to you.

Sweethearts, you'll soon hear the cheers, 

                                           For your hero true,

«Bygones» (1924)

Every lover's lane leads to sadness,

                       When the one we love in untrue,

Still to just forgive brings us gladness,

                        So I'm only asking you...