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«Since My Mariutch Learned The Merry Widow Waltz» (1908)

I feel a much a gay, 

                        I want a for to say, 

                                            My Mariutch she come home...

«Dat`s Harmony» (1911)

Mister Sсhubert's serenade is grand. 

                I cert'nly love to near a big brass band

Play Sousa's marches by the score.

                An' I likes good op'ra, what is more, dat pleasing melody in F...

«Underneath The Cotton Moon» (1913)

Honey do you want to take a trip?

          Close your eyes and let your memory slip,

                    Roam, home, home to your mammy and mine in Caroline...

«When Dreams Come True» (1913)

Love and Hope are the weavers of dreams,

                  And they toil while the moon idly beams,

Turning out from their looms pretty patterns for you,

                  Of the dreams that you hope will come true...

«On The 5.15» (1914)

Talk about your subway, talk about your "L",

                      Talk about your street car lines as well;

But when you're living out where the fields are green

                       You've got to go home on the five fifteen...