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«Dat Lovin' Rag» (1907)

That lovin' rag, that lovin' rag

                           Fills you with joy or joyful jag.

It makes you glad, 

                           you'll neer be sad...

«Climb A Tree With Me» (1912)

I've come to see the little girl

I loved from year to year.

I've come to watch each little curl

That made your head so dear...

«Dites Moi» (1914)

           («Tel Me»)  Waltzes  (Moderato - Andante)

«When The "Yanks" Come Marching Home» (1917)

Our hearts today are far across the ocean,

                       God spare our boys, at night we kneel and pray.

In far off lands our troops are now in motion

                       Among the very bravest in the fray...

«Mickey» (1918)

Mickey, pretty Mickey,

                          With your hair of raven hue,

In your smiling so beguiling

                          There's a bit of Killarney, bit of Blarney, too.