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«Marie Cahill's Arab Love Song» (1908)

Al Koro chief of an Arab band,

On his steed so swift and white

Sped on to his love o'er the desert sand,

Thro' the soft Egyptian night...

«I'm Glad I'm Married» (1908)

A friend of mine once said to me,

«Why don't you take a wife,

You'll never know happiness till you try married life...»

«My Belgian Rose» (1918)

Belgian Rose, my drooping Belgian rose,

                  For every hour of sorrow you've had,

                                   You'll have a year in which to be glad...

«Sometime» (1925)

You're all alone, you've never known

The touch of a lover's hand.

After awhile someone will smile,

Someone will understand... 

«The Melody That Made You Mine» (1925)

Listen, dear, do you hear music so divine,

Don't that strain bring again memories sublime,

It's that sweet old melody, the one that made you mine...