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«Adelina, The Boola Girl» (1903)

Adelina, Adelina,

                           I'll be waiting Adelina,

When the silver moon is beaming;

                           Then I'll meet you, Adeline. 

«After The Honeymoon» (1908)

Marriage they say is a blissful state,

Tho some on that point don't agree,

For some girls they seem to have made a mistake

And long once again to be free.

«Those Ragtime Melodies» (1912)

You have heard most of the songs of late,

Ev'ryone likes something up to date,

All the rage, upon the stage,

When ever you go to a musical show...

«All The World Will Be Jealous Of Me» (1917)

The roses all envy the bloom on your cheek,

                                And the sun even envies your smile;

The birds in the wildwood are stilled

                                when you speak...

«Just Like Washington Crossed The Delaware, General Pershing Will Cross The Rhine» (1918)

Looking backward through the ages

We can read on hist'ry's pages

Deeds that famous men have done...