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«If They Don't Stop Making Them So Beautiful» (1913)

Give a look, give a listen, I have a little sympathy,

Something's going to happen to me.

Up here in my coco, I am going loco...

«M-O-T-H-E-R»: A Word That Means The World To Me (1915)

I've been around the world,

                                    you bet, but never went to school.

Hard knocks are all I seem to get,

                                    perhaps I've been a fool...

«When The Sun Goes Down In France» (1917)

Many hearts were filled with pride 

When our boys went off to war.

Heroes marching side by side

                     like their Daddies did before...

«My Wonderful Dream Of You» (1918)

Folks all call me sleepy head, but I don't care,

I know what I like to do.

I just love to go to bed and close my eyes,

Then I start to dream of you...

«I Ain't'en Got'en No Time To Have The Blues» (1919)

Ain't no use a sighing, ain't no use a crying,

Ain't no use a pleading you see, because I'm through,

I'm through with you, and I'm on my way...