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«Look Out For Dot Mother In Law» (1880)

I vas been married about dree years or two,

All of dot time I vas kept in a stew,

For my wife's mother, she calls every day,

Un she goes on in a terrible vay...

«My Igorrote Maid» (1905)

My Igorrote maiden

Sweet Filipino girl,

My heart is laden

With love for you, my pearl...

«When I Go Marching With Georgie» (1907)

She has red lips that never pout,

                             eyes that never frown,

Her home is just a cottage small,

                            about a mile from town...

«The Ragtime Volunteers Are Off To War» (1917)

All the gals have got the blues 

Since they heard the latest news

That the ragtime volunteers

Who haven't fought in nearly twenty years

Will march away and leave their folks in tears...

«There`s Always A Way To Forget» (1926)

I suppose you thought I'd sigh and cry

On the day you said goodbye.

It hurt for just a while,

But I would never cry...