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«When The Moon Shines» (1904)

When the moon shines, when the moon shines,

                            and the sun's at rest.

If the night's hot, there's your choice spot,

                            that you both like best...

«Why Adam Sinned» (1904)

"Adam never had no Mammy fur

                 to take him on her knee"

And teach him right from wrong,

                 an’ show him things he ought to see...

«The Yellow Dog Rag» (1914)

Ever since Miss Susan Johnson lost her Jockey, Lee,

There has been much excitement, more to be;

You can hear her moaning night and morn...

«The Darktown Strutters' Ball» (1917)

I've got some good news, Honey,

An invitation to the darktown Ball,

It's a very swell affair,

All the "high-browns' will be there... 

«Linger Awhile» (1923)

The time is coming soon to say goodbye,

A time of sadness it will be,

But, Honey, listen to my parting sigh

And linger on awhile with me...