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«All The Candy» (1907)


                    Novelty Two-Step

«Kelly's Gone To Kingdom Come!» (1910)

He’s known on ev’ry spot of ground that dots old Mother Earth.

He’s play’d the game and play’d the same for all the game is worth;

Said he, “I’ll have a try the Channel wide to fly;”

But no one’s seen poor Kelly since...

«Oh You Little Rascal» (1912)

...Oh, you little Rascal, you,

Great big bunch of love, so true.

There you go, there you go,

Starting in your teasing... 

«When Tony Goes Over The Top» (1918)

When Tony goes over the top,

He no think of the barber shop,

He grab-a-da gun and chase-a-da hun,

And make 'em all run like a son-of-a-gun...

«Teasin'» (1922)

...I’m always sighin’ ev’ry time we part.

You’re just as sweet, dear, sweet as you can be,

But you’re playin’, only playin’, dear, with me,

You’re always teasin’, but still it’s pleasin’…