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«At The Levee On Revival Day» (1912)

A certain day in Dixie comes around year,

When darkies start a congregatin' far and near,

They gather on the levee, where the flatboats lay,

A splashin' in the water washin' sins away...

«You're My Baby» (1912)

There's something the matter with me, dear.

Some thing I've tried to explain:

If you're away for a week or a day,

'Round my heart I feel a pain...

«Bring Me A Letter From My Old Home Town» (1918)

Bring me a letter from my old home town,

One with jokes from my old pal, Jim Brown.

Bring me a letter from that girl of mine,

Saying that she's longing for me all the time...

«Tripping Along» (1923)

I have looked around, now at last you're found.

You're the sweetest, and the neatest, dear,

You're the girl I know and I love you so...

«The Poor Old Tramp» (1877)

          I'm only a poor old wanderer, 

                                  I've no place to call my home;

            No one to pity me,  No one to cheer me,

                                 As friendless and sadly I roam...