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«I'm Going Back To Carolina» (1913)

I'm going back, back, back to Carolina,

That's where I belong,

I'm going back, back, back to Carolina,

And join the Dixie throng, come along, come along.

«We'll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home» (1915)

I'll be tickled to death to know, that I can stay right there,

And I'll never care to roam.

Come on along with me and have a jubilee

In my old Kentucky Home...

«Hello Wisconsin» (Won't You Find My Yonnie Yonson?) (1917)

Hello Wisconsin! Won't you find my Yonnie Yonson?

Yust tell him his Hilda Honson

Yust got off the boat by Yimminy,

How she wants him!

«'Neath The Old Cherry Tree Sweet Marie» (1907)

‘Neath the old cherry tree, sweet Marie,

Where you first gave your heart, love, to me,

Not a word did you say, but as you turned away,

I could see, sweet Marie, I could see...

«At The Levee On Revival Day» (1912)

A certain day in Dixie comes around year,

When darkies start a congregatin' far and near,

They gather on the levee, where the flatboats lay,

A splashin' in the water washin' sins away...