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«The Homestead On The Hill» (1900)

There's an old fashioned homestead on the hillside,

Far away in an old New England town,

And in fancy I see there in my dreaming

Just a maid in a simple gingham gown...

«I'm Starving For One Sight Of You» (1908)

I'm starving for one sight of you,

Just for a glimpse of eyes so true.

Dark are the nights, the world seems drear,

Life holds no charms without you near...

«Сонъ негра о прошломъ» (A Coon's Dream Of The Past) (1914)


       Музыкальная картина изъ жизни негровъ для фортепiано въ 2 руки 

«Hesitation Blues» (1915)

I'll go down to the levee, take a rocking chair,

If the Blues doesn't leave me, babe, I'll rock away from here.

Oh! Baby, how long I have to wait?

Can't I get you now, or must I hesitate?

«There's A Broken Heart For Every Light On Broadway» (1915)

There's a broken heart for ev'ry light on Broadway,

A million tears for every gleam, they say,

Those lights, above you, think nothing of you,

It's those who love you that have to pay...