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«What's The Use Of Dreaming» (1906)

How I love to drift on a cloud of smoke

To the beautiful land of dreams,

Where the live-long day is a merry joke,

And I'm happy, so it seems...

«Say! Fay!» (1906)

Say! Fay! please don't go away,

cant' you see how lonely I will be?

'Pon my word, I know it sounds absurd,

But I will feel so bad, I cannot see...

«She Borrowed My Only Husband» (1907)

She'd borrow dishes and she'd say, "she had a friend to tea".

I used to think it funny, she had not invited me.

I learned the fact a week ago that really made me mad,

My husband was the only company she ever had.

«Just Like The Rose You Gave» (1913)

But just like the rose you gave me

That faded and died too soon,

The love that you said would live, sweetheart,

Has gone like a breath of June...

«Give Me All Of You» (1916)

Ah! Prince you cracked the whip, the horses flew

And brought me nearer you,

But now tis I who holds the whip,

And you are jumping through!