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«Little One Good-bye» (1906)

«To the city, my dear, I must go from here,

To win both wealth and fame before we wed»;

So they kiss'd farewell that night,

While the harvest moon shone bright.

«I'm Saving All My Lovin' For You» (1913)

While you're away, I'll be thinking all day 'bout you, Honey,

I'll wait for you, and I'll always be true to you, Honey.

Every night a love letter I'll write to you, Honey,

My heart will yearn for your speedy return...

«My Heart's 'Way Out In California» (1914)

In a valley of the Golden West

Lives an old sweetheart of mine,

I wonder if she ever thinks of me,

And those days of bright sunshine.

«Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!» (1916)

Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!

Can't you be good? Can't you be good?

Things you do just set me wild,

Still you're Daddy's Angel Child.

«What Did Eve Give Adam For Christmas?» (1917)

What did Eve give Adam for Christmas?

Gee I would like to know.

He didn't smoke cigars, he never wore a Knox,

He couldn't squeeze in B. V. D's and never heard af socks...