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«Down In Jungle Town» (1908)

Down in Jungle Town a honeymoon is coming soon;

Then you’ll hear a serenade to a pretty monkey maid,

And in Monkey Land the chimpanzees sing in the trees:

“She’ll be true to Monkey-doodle-doo” way down in Jungle Town.

«Ev'ry Day She Wanted Something Else» (1908)

Monday morning first she wanted a hat,

Tuesday morning then she mortgaged the flat,

Wednesday morning she pawned all his clothes,

Thursday morning bought some fancy hose...

«He Played It On His Fid, Fid, Fiddle Dee-Dee» (1912)

Fiddler Joe, from Kokomo, took lessons on the piccolo;

After seven years or so he could play a violin.

Beneath his whisker'd chin he'd tuck his violin,

And when you least expected, fiddler Joseph would begin...

«All Aboard! That Ocean Baby» (1913)

I feel so proud, just see the crowd,

They are coming down to see me off today.

Oh say, the time is near to leave the pier,

All aboard, she'll soon be under way...


«Fair Hawaii» (1913)

Enchanting is the scene when the silv'ry moon is beaming

On murm'ring waters at my dear Waikiki;

The twinkling stars are bright, and of your sweet charms I'm dreaming,

All my love will live for you eternally...