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«Dolly Maguire» (1899)

Dolly Maguire, you're the one I admire,

Always dressed so neat in gay attire.

You're my queen above all I've seen,

You're my only darling girl, my Dolly Maguire. 

«Mandy Lee» (1899)

Mandy Lee, I loves you deed I do, my Mandy Lee,

Your eyes they shine like diamonds, love to me,

Seems as though my heart would break without you, Mandy Lee,

'Cause I loves you Mandy deed I do, my Mandy Lee.

«Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder» (1900)

Distance only lends enchantment,

Tho' the ocean waves divide,

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,

Longing to be near your side.

«Castles In The Air» (1900)

Don't build castles in the air,

Nor give way to dark despair;

Come, take heart, forget the past,

Keep up hope while life shall last.

«For Old Time's Sake» (1900)

He won her, just her gentle heart to break;

He left her many years ago, I found it out by chance,

And I searched for her, for old time's sake...