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«The Troubadour» (1904)

Long ago, don't you know, lived a girl who had a beau,

He was a neat, little sweet, troubadour.

Ev'ry night, by the light of the moon shining bright,

        he'd hang around her door...

«A Picnic For Two» (1905)

They sat upon the sands, and held each other's hands,

For nothing else they seemed to care.

He thought, "I love her true, I don't know what to do,

Or how to tell, I love her well".

«When Summer Tells Autumn Good-Bye» (1907)

...There will not be a pain in your heart,

There will not be a tear in your eye,

For you know we'll be wedded, sweetheart,

When Summer tells Autumn goodbye.

«Melancholy» (1912)

Come to me, my melancholy baby,

Cuddle up and don't be blue;

All your fears are foolish fancy, maybe,

You know, dear, that I am strong for you...

«The Dream That Gave You Back To Me» (1915)

You will return, Dear, and love me still;

Ah! those were such idle and foolish tears,

We will remember and love again,

True love braves absence and years.