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«Billy» (I Always Dream Of Bill) (1911)

For when I walk, I always walk with Billy, 

'Cause Billy knows just where to walk.

And when I talk, I always talk with Billy,

'Cause Billy knows just how to talk.

«Rebecca Of Sunny-Brook Farm» (1914)

Where the honey suckle vine twines itself around the door,

A sweetheart mine Is waiting patiently for me;

I can hear the whip-poor-will tell me softly from the hill:

Her mem'ry haunts you, Rebecca wants you, so come back to Sunny-Brook Farm.

«Evelyn» (1916)

Oh, Evelyn, oh, Evelyn,

You'll have to quit your devilin'!

You tease and tantalize me so,

You've surely got me "on the go!"

«Hong Kong» (1916)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, there's

        no other place like Hong Kong,

Where oriental lights are gleaming 

And a little chinamen are dreaming...


«I Think You're Absolutely Wonderful» (1918)

Time is here to tell you, dear,

What my heart's been tryin' to hide about a year.

Though it's mighty hard to say,

Love has made me find a way; Baby, my baby.