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«I Love You All The Time» (1904)

I love you when it's sunshine,

I love you when it's gray,

And I love you through the night, love,

And I love you all the day...

«Since I've Lived In Loveland With You» (1913)

Since I've lived in Loveland with you, dear,

Time has not changed my heart, it is true, dear.

Through this world we will glide close

              by each other's side...

«The Only Heart Broken Was Mine» (1914)

I gave you a love that was true, dear,

A love that to me seemed divine;

And tho' you are gone, dear, my love still lives on;

The only heart broken was mine...

«Piney Ridge» (1915)

Somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains,

Somewhere by a rippling rill,

List'ning to the blue birds and their song,

There's a girl who's waiting still...

«You Picked Me, When I Picked You In Berry Pickin' Time» (1917)

Your lips were red as berries, 

but they tasted twice as sweet,

It only took one kiss to make

         my happiness complete...