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«I've Got Him Dead» (1898)

He took me to supper and the first thing he said 

Was "Love, when shall we wed?"

And then he opened wine and that was the sign

To tell me that I had him "dead"...

«She Rests By The Suwanee River» (1898)

My sweetheart she has gone

To realms above ne'er to return again.

As I stroll along the shore,

               her lone grave I see once more...

«When The Harvest Days Are Over» (1900)

Near the fireside so cheerful, sits an old man sad and tearful,

He is dreaming of the days of long ago, and in fancy he is roaming

With his sweet-heart in the gloaming,

              when he spoke the words that set her cheeks aglow...

«Down Where The Cotton Blossoms Grow» (1901)

I was going home again and was waiting for my train

In a quaint old railway station way out west,

All the world was bright to me, for I knew I soon would see

Dear old mother and the girl I loved the best...

«Where The Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way» (1901)

There’s a sob on ev'ry breeze, and a sigh comes from the trees,

And the meadowlark now croons a sadder lay,

For the sunlight plays no more 'round my cheerless cabin door,

Where the silv'ry Colorado wends its way...