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«A Little On The Rag-Time» (1900)

       Cake-walk, March and Two-Step by S.G.Kiesling

«Old Virginia». Barn Dance (1909)

I have seen the dances that they dance today,

Up and down the whole creation,

But they can't compare with those of long ago

'Way down on the old plantation...

«On The Mississippi» (1912)

I just have to close my eyes to see that sight,

River all a-glistening in the bright moonlight,

With my gal again I'm strolling,

And her eyes at me they are rolling...

«While They Were Dancing Around» (1913)

Dancing around, they’d be dancing around,

Oh how he’d hold her, head on his shoulder,

Oh how he’d tease, then he’d dip with his knees,

He’d trot her to a corner, and he’d steal a little squeeze...

«Dancing 'Neath The Irish Moon» (1915)

Dancing underneath the Irish Moon,

While the pipers play an Irish tune,

Just see them sway,

Each Irish heart so gay...