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«Mrs. Carter, You're A Tartar» (1901)

A widow by the name of Misses Carter,

Who had property and money left galore,

Keeps making goo-goo eyes whene'er she sees me,

Left word that she would see me at the store...

«The Same Old Crowd» (1903)

There's a crowd of good fellows that meet ev'ry night,

Each with his sweetheart true,

And with story and song, they will pass the night long,

As good fellows always do...

«The Palace Of Silver And Gold» (1904)

Just one kiss, and farewell to my darling,

For the heart that was mine you have sold;

But I hope you will always be happy, 

In your palace of silver and gold...

«Tommy» (Tell Me True) (1904)

Sometimes I think my heart will break, yes I do

All for this little girl, fond and true.

She vows to love and constant be, ev'ry day,

And when she is by my side, then I can hear her say...

«Vanity Fair» (1907)

Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair, 

Music and dancing so what do we care,

Get wise, open your eyes,

And beat it for Vanity Fair...