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«Коля ушелъ на войну» (1915?)

Под Краковом, в славном бою,

Погиб за отчизну свою

Мой милый, любимый, мой Коля!

Господня на то, видно, воля!..

«Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France!» (1917)

Don't you worry while we're there,

It's for you we're fighting too,

So Goodbye Broadway, Hello France,

We're going to square our debt to you...

«It's A Long Way To Berlin, But We'll Get There!» (1917)

Rueben Plank, a husky Yank, came into town one day

And said, "I can't resist, I really must enlist – by heck,

I'll help to get that Kaiser Bill I hear so much about!"

«Somewhere In France Is Daddy» (1917)

Somewhere in France is Daddy,

Somewhere in France is he,

Fighting for home and country,

Fighting, my lad, for liberty...

«He's Got Those Big Blue Eyes Like You Daddy Mine» (1918)

He’s got those big blue eyes like you, Daddy,

The kind of eyes that seem to speak.

And when he smiles he looks like you, Daddy,

Yes, even to the dimple in his cheek...