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«The Blackville Strutters Ball» (1900)

The talk of all the folks in coon society,

Creating quite a stir among the swells,

It's the Blackville Strutters ball

       to be held next Tuesday night...

«The Man Behind» (1904)

Oh! when I was but a little boy, my father said to me,

Don't ever be too forward lad, but act with modesty.

In battle it's the man in front,

               that's always shot you'll find...

«Mandy Lane» (1908)

Oh, Mandy, come to me, do, I long for you,

I'm your honey boy and you're my Lady Lou.

Mandy, my pretty Mandy Lane,

I love you...

«Ain't It Funny» (1912)

I'll go daffy pretty soon,

'Cause at morning, night or noon

My brain is hazy, my heart goes crazy,

When I hear a ragtime tune...

«When Old Bill Bailey Plays The Ukalele» (1915)

When Old Bill Bailey plays the Ukalele,

Down in Honolula they do the "Hula Hula",

Ev'ry evening there they are swayin',

While he's playin' his Hawaiian guitar...