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«The Little Grey Mother Who Waits All Alone» (1915)

The sword that his father before him had used

Is gone from its place by the door.

The lad, like his dad, now is sleeping,

Far away, night and day, someone’s weeping...

«Just For The Sake Of Your Mother» (1917)

A boy stood embracing his mother,

Ready to kiss her good-bye,

And although a smile hid her wrinkles,

A teardrop bedimmed her sad eye...

«Where Is My Wandering Boy To-Night?» The Song Of A Mother's Heart (1918)

I've heard the songs of angels, sweet melodies they bring;

But there's just one song lasts all life long, a mother's heart will sing...

«Mother» (I Love You) (1920)

Mother, I'll never find, dear, Mother, 

A pal so kind, dear,

You always guide me

When life seems lonely...

«Somebody's Mother» (1921)

Just a little old lady in gray alone on the Great White Way,

You'll see her standing there, where the world can pause and stare

A tear drop is in her eye...