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«Honey I'm Waiting» (1904)

Ev'ry night it's my delight

To call on her yer see,

When she hears my banjo ring,

She sings dese words to me...

«Bill You Done Me Wrong» (1908)

Bill, you done me wrong,

And throw'd me in the worst of circumstances,

I took some awful chances, Bill, you done me wrong;

I feel so bad since you are dead and gone...

«Oh Miss Malinda» or When Evening Time Comes 'Round (1908)

The evening bells were tolling,

You see two sweethearts strolling,

They're in a quiet country town.

And tales of love he's speaking...

«Don't You Wish You Were Back Home Again?» (1913)

Don't you wish, dear old pal, you were back home again,

Where fond hearts, they are yearning for you?

Don't you wish you could see the old red apple tree,

With its blossoms all covered with dew?

«If You Had All The World And Its Gold» (1916)

...Tho wealth may hold power untold,

And when you lose your mother,

You can't buy another,

If you had all the world and it's gold.