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«Fatima Brown» (1915)

She flitters here, she flitters there,

Flitters almost everywhere,

And you have to hold tight to your chair,

        when you see Fatima Brown...

«Keep Your Eye On The Girlie You Love» (1916)

Take a tip from one who knows,

        all you single men,

If you've a girl to call your own,

Don't ever leave her all alone...

«Nobody Knows Where Rosie Goes» (1917)

The village ponder'd where she went,

        the Landlord wonder'd how she paid her rent,

But she just smil'd a smile of mystery

And made her trips in regularity...

«Madeira» (1925)

I'll soon be drawing nearer,

Our love we will then renew.

I'm coming to Madeira,

Madeira, dear, and you...

«It Made You Happy When You Made Me Cry» (1926)

It made you happy when you made me cry,

It made you happy when we said "good-bye",

By all the stars above you,

I'd hate to hate you like I love you...